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I love: family. friends. faith. art. hope. drawing. positivity. reading. harry potter. independent movies. all movies. grey's anatomy. the walking dead. alternative music. life.
I try to take things one day at a time.
But I can't wait to escape this tiny town.
I'm a healthy-eating vegetarian; however I believe in moderation, not perfection.
I hate driving.
I've decided to rise above the things that bother me and not let negativity bring me down.
Some days I think I've got it all figured out,
and some days I really don't.
And I'm starting to believe that's okay.
Always dream big. (:
Sex makes you vulnerable. It makes everyone vulnerable. Even if it won’t lead to True Everlasting Love. Even if you’re just friends, or scratching an itch, or strangers who meet on the train to Vienna, or having the rawest and sleaziest of Casual Encounters, I still think that you are opening yourself up to another person in a way that is sacred while it is happening. People are very quick to warn about the dangers of casual sex like unwanted pregnancy and STDs, but what they leave out is that in the moment, sex isn’t all that casual. You and another human made a decision to trust each other with everything you have, and for a little while, you stopped time. That’s amazing. Reader Question #21: Why don’t my friends-with-benefits like being told that they are friends-with-benefits? | CaptainAwkward.com (via notemily)

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